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Ever since I can remember, Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays. My favorite part of Halloween was not trick-or-treating. Instead I most enjoyed reading stories of a spooky nature. Even now I am thankful for Halloween because it gives me a chance to read stories that some would view as too macabre to be read at any other time of year. However, the  stories in my book, Short Halloween Stories (right), are not overly gruesome. Authors who write for young adults were my main inspiration in writing the tales contained in the book. This small offering is my way of thanking Halloween for all the doors into the imagination which it opened for me. If my book does the same for even one person, then its purpose will be fulfilled. 

Of course, it's not only Halloween stories that I enjoy...and so I offer you, the guest, interesting Halloween facts and Halloween fun!! Visit the other pages  of this site to see what I mean! Have a spooky and fun Halloween! 

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It's Halloween!

It's Halloween

When witches scream, 

When owls hoo,

And goblins boo.

It's trick-or-treat,

Out in the street

When werewolves howl

And gargoyles growl.

It's time to scare

When monsters stare

And we all swear

There's nothing there!

From Halloween Night By Charles Ghigna

Halloween Fun

It's mid-October and Halloween is in the air.

The movies, the costumes, the stories--all designed to scare.

For me, the spooky fun tickles my imagination

Some of the more intense frights make me want to run!

But fun is the key here--what I celebrate.

So jump in and participate --now-before it's too late!



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