Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Here are the products I used for this Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial:






  • The hair extensions I’m wearing are the FoxyLocks Seamless Clip-ins in the shade Platinum Blonde (link: FoxyLocks Seamless Clip-ins in Platinum Blonde)
  • For the white hair color, I used White Hair Spray from Claire’s Accessories
  • For the blue and dark pink hair color, I used Blue & Dark Pink Hair Chalk from Claire’s Accessories
  • I secured my hair with bobbins from Claire’s Accessories

Tan I’m wearing:

  • Bellamianta Dark Rapid Mousse

For my hair, I go to Zero One Salon. You can visit their website here and find them on Instagram @zeroonesalon.

The music in this tutorial is provided by Premiumbeat.com.

Thanks for watching 🙂 Hey there, guys! Today’s article is all about a “Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial” by Chloe Boucher. She’s got all the tips and tricks you need to recreate this iconic look, so keep on reading. Chloe covers everything from creating a light base using Kryolan cream color to achieving the messy, worn-in eye makeup that Harley Quinn is known for. She even shares the exact products she used, so you can follow along. Whether you’re a fan of Harley Quinn or just looking for a standout Halloween makeup look, this tutorial is for you. Get ready to channel your inner Harley Quinn and have a spooktacular time at your Halloween festivities!


Before starting the Harley Quinn makeup tutorial, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare your face.

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Applying cream color to neck and chest

Since Harley Quinn’s face is much lighter than her neck and chest, it’s important to make sure these areas are also lightened. Use a white cream color, such as the Kryolan cream color in the white shade, and apply it evenly to your neck and chest. This will create a cohesive look and make your makeup appear more seamless.

Using concealer as foundation

To achieve Harley Quinn’s flawless complexion, use a light concealer as your foundation. Choose a shade that matches the lightness of your face and apply it all over using a beauty blender. This will create a smooth base for the rest of your makeup.

Setting with translucent powder

To set the concealer and cream color, use a translucent powder. The Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder works well for this step. Apply it all over your face, as well as your chest and neck, to ensure your makeup stays in place throughout the day.


Now it’s time to focus on the face makeup for the Harley Quinn look.

Applying cream color to face

Just like you did for your neck and chest, apply the same white cream color to your face. Make sure to blend it in well, as this will create the pale base for the rest of your makeup.

Blending with beauty blender

To achieve a seamless finish, use a beauty blender to blend the cream color into your skin. This will prevent any harsh lines or uneven patches.

Using translucent powder to set

To set the cream color and create a matte finish, use the same translucent powder you used earlier. Apply it all over your face, blending it in with a brush or beauty blender. This will ensure your face makeup stays in place throughout the day.


Harley Quinn’s bold brows are a defining feature of her look. Here’s how to achieve the perfect brow shape.

Brushing through brows

Start by brushing your brows to ensure they are neat and tidy. Use a spoolie brush to comb through them, removing any excess product or stray hairs.

Using dark shade on brows

To mimic Harley Quinn’s dark eyebrows, use a dark shade from your preferred brow product. The Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar offers a great range of shades. Fill in your brows using light, upward strokes to create a fuller, more defined look.


Harley Quinn’s smudged, messy eye makeup is a key element of her signature style. Here’s how to recreate it.

Applying gel liner

Using a large synthetic fluffy brush and the Inglot Gel Liner in the number 67, apply the liner all over your eyelids. Don’t worry about being precise or neat – the messier, the better!

Using liquid lipstick for pink shade

To achieve the bright, fuchsia pink shade on one eye, use a liquid lipstick like “Kiss of Fire” from Dose of Colors. Apply it with your finger or a brush, aiming for a messy, worn-in look.

Using blue eyeshadow

On the other eye, use a blue eyeshadow, such as Sarah Hill’s number 17. Apply it with a fluffy brush, focusing on the lid area. This will help intensify the eye and add dimension to your makeup.

Applying black pencil on water lines

To define your eyes, line your water lines with a black pencil. This will give your eyes a bold, dramatic look, similar to Harley Quinn’s.

Blending black kohl pencil for smudged effect

Using a synthetic brush, blend a black kohl pencil along your lash line to create a smudged, winged liner effect. Don’t worry about perfection – the smudged, messy look is what we’re aiming for.

Applying mascara

Finish your eye makeup by applying mascara. Do it a bit differently by focusing on the base of your lashes and adding more mascara to the corners. This will give your eyes a cat eye shape and make them appear more lifted.


Harley Quinn’s signature red lips are bold and vibrant. Here’s how to achieve the perfect pout.

Using red lip liner

Start by lining your lips with a red lip liner. This will help give your lips a defined shape and prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Smudging with finger

To create a more worn-in, messy effect, smudge the red lip liner with your finger. This will soften the edges and give a more relaxed look to your lips.

Applying liquid lipstick

Finish off your lips by applying a liquid lipstick. Anastacio offers a great range of shades that will complement the red lip liner perfectly. Apply the liquid lipstick as you normally would, ensuring an even and opaque application.

Smudging again

For that final touch, use your finger to smudge the liquid lipstick. This will give your lips a worn-in, slightly blurry effect, adding to the overall Harley Quinn look.


Harley Quinn’s makeup is known for its slightly grungy, worn-in appearance, and her contour is no exception. Here’s how to achieve that dirty effect.

Using brow color for contour

Instead of using a traditional bronzer or contour product, use the same dark shade you used on your brows. Apply it with an angled brush, focusing on the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline.

Using angled brush for application

To achieve a more precise and defined contour, use an angled brush. This will allow you to apply the product exactly where you want it, giving you more control over the intensity of the contour.


Harley Quinn’s unique tattoos are an iconic part of her character. Here’s how to recreate them for your Halloween costume.

Drawing with pencil liner

Using a pencil liner, start by drawing the outline of the tattoos on your face. Take your time and be as precise as possible, as this will create the framework for the rest of the design.

Darkening with liquid liner

Once you’re happy with the outline, go over it with a liquid liner to darken and define the tattoos. This will give them a cleaner and more noticeable appearance.

Using nude liner for writing

For any text or writing in the tattoos, use a nude liner. This will help create a contrast and make the writing stand out.

Praying to not make mistakes

Since tattoos are permanent, take a moment to say a little prayer and double-check your work before proceeding. We don’t want any mistakes here!

Hand Matching

Now that your face makeup is complete, it’s time to ensure your hands match your Harley Quinn look.

Find your new Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial on this page.

Using cream color on hands

Since your hands may have a different skin tone than your face, use the same cream color you used earlier on your hands. Apply it evenly, making sure to blend it in well.

Blending with beauty blender

To achieve a seamless finish, use a beauty blender to blend the cream color into your hands. This will create a cohesive look and ensure your hands match the rest of your makeup.


And there you have it – the complete Harley Quinn makeup tutorial! I hope you enjoyed following along and have learned some tips and tricks for creating this iconic look.

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I wish you all a fantastic Halloween filled with fun and memorable moments. Remember to stay safe and have a blast!

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