James Charles Creates Halloween Makeup Video

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Hey there! ???? Happy Halloween! In my latest video, I created some spooky and glamorous looks just for you. I was inspired by the Other Mother from Coraline and even did a special FX makeup from the new SMILE horror movie. It’s all thanks to my amazing followers like you. Enjoy watching! ????

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Graphics: Michael Rusakov In James Charles’ latest YouTube video, he creates three Halloween makeup looks inspired by his followers. The first look is a scary special effects makeup with a bloody smile, followed by a glam and cute makeup with crystal spider webs. Lastly, he showcases a makeup look inspired by the Other Mother from the movie Coraline, complete with a skeleton-like face and button eyes. Throughout the video, James Charles provides step-by-step instructions and product recommendations for each look, while also encouraging viewers to like the video, comment their Halloween costume ideas, and follow him on social media. So, if you’re in need of some Halloween makeup inspiration, be sure to check out James Charles’ captivating new video!

James Charles Creates Halloween Makeup Video

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In his latest YouTube video, James Charles channels the Halloween spirit by creating three stunning makeup looks inspired by his followers. Known for his incredible artistry and creativity, James takes on the challenge of recreating these unique and spooky looks. The video aims to celebrate Halloween, inspire viewers to try out their own creative makeup looks, and showcase James Charles’ talented community and channel.

Three Makeup Looks Inspired by Followers

The purpose of this video is to not only showcase James Charles’ incredible makeup skills but also to give a platform to his dedicated followers. By featuring their submitted Halloween makeup looks, James emphasizes the importance of community and inclusivity within his channel. This project is a testament to his commitment to his viewers and his desire to engage with them on a personal level.

Look 1: Scary Special Effects Makeup

The first look James recreates is a scary special effects makeup. Inspired by a follower’s submission, this look features a bloody smile effect. James starts off by explaining that this look may be triggering for those who are scared of blood or cuts. However, he emphasizes the artistry and creativity involved in this special effects makeup. He provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this terrifying look, using special effects wax and liquid latex. James also recommends specific products that he used in the video to help viewers recreate the look at home.

Look 2: Glam and Cute Makeup

Moving on to the second look, James creates a glam and cute makeup inspired by another follower’s submission. This look features crystal spider webs, adding a touch of sparkle and whimsy to the Halloween season. James demonstrates how to achieve a flawless base, a stunning eye makeup look, and adds the crystal spider webs as a finishing touch. He provides detailed instructions and product recommendations for viewers who wish to recreate this look at home.

Look 3: Inspired by the Other Mother

For the final look, James takes inspiration from the Other Mother character from the movie “Coraline”. This look is all about transforming into a creepy yet captivating character, with a skeleton-like face and button eyes. James breaks down the steps involved in achieving this transformation, from creating a white base to adding intricate details with black face paint. As always, he includes specific product recommendations that viewers can use to recreate this iconic Halloween look.

Step-by-Step Instructions and Product Recommendations

Throughout the video, James provides step-by-step instructions for each look he recreates. From the basics of creating a flawless base to intricate detailing, he ensures that viewers have all the information they need to achieve the same results. Additionally, James recommends specific products that he personally used in the video. These recommendations allow viewers to easily find and purchase the same products, further enhancing their ability to replicate the looks.

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Encouraging Viewer Engagement

James Charles is known for his engaging and interactive approach to content creation. In this Halloween makeup video, he encourages viewers to actively participate and engage with him. He includes a call-to-action for viewers to like the video, helping support his channel and future content creation. He also invites viewers to leave comments, specifically suggesting that they share their own Halloween costume ideas. This call-to-action encourages viewers to share their creativity and interact with James and other members of his community. Finally, James prompts viewers to follow him on social media, expanding their engagement beyond just this YouTube video.


In conclusion, James Charles’ Halloween makeup video is a celebration of creativity, community, and the Halloween spirit. By showcasing three unique makeup looks inspired by his followers, James not only highlights his own talent but also gives recognition to the creativity within his community. With step-by-step instructions, product recommendations, and a call-to-action for viewer engagement, James encourages viewers to explore their own creative makeup looks and to join his community. This video is a testament to James Charles’ dedication to his viewers and his passion for makeup artistry. So grab your brushes and get ready to create some spooky and glamorous looks this Halloween season, just like James Charles!

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