Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Are you interested in creating a Marilyn Skull Halloween makeup look? Check out the tutorial video on my YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any future videos. You can also follow me on Twitter at @chrisspymakeup, on Facebook at /chrisspymakeup, and on Instagram at @Chrisspy for more makeup inspiration. Don’t forget to visit my website for more beauty content. If you want even more Halloween makeup ideas, be sure to explore my other Halloween tutorials. Get creative and have fun with your easy makeup looks for Halloween 2018! Looking for a spooky and creative Halloween makeup tutorial? Look no further than the “Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial” by Chrisspy. In this tutorial, Chrisspy shows you step by step how to transform yourself into a Marilyn Monroe-inspired skull. With detailed instructions and easy-to-follow techniques, you’ll be able to create a hauntingly beautiful look using simple products like black paint, eyeshadow, and white face paint. So grab your makeup brushes and get ready to wow everyone at your Halloween party with this stunning skull makeup tutorial!

In this tutorial, Chrisspy begins by covering her brows with a glue stick, then proceeds to outline the dark areas of the skull using black paint. She then fills in the skull with white paint, adds depth to the eyes with black eyeshadow, and creates a terrifying toothy grin. With careful shading and highlighting, Chrisspy achieves a realistic and spooky skull look that is sure to turn heads. So if you’re ready to take your Halloween makeup to the next level, check out Chrisspy’s tutorial and amaze your friends with your skull transformation skills!


Are you ready to turn heads at your next Halloween party? Transforming into a spooky skeleton is easier than you think! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a Marilyn-inspired skull makeup look. Get ready to impress with your artistic skills!

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Covering the Brows

Starting with a clean face, we have an optional step for those who want to take their skull makeup to the next level. Covering your eyebrows can help create a more seamless look. Grab a glue stick and a spoolie brush to flatten your brows against your skin. Once they are smooth, apply translucent powder and an orange powder to prevent them from showing through the makeup.

Outlining the Skull Features

To create the outline of the skull, you’ll need a thin eyeliner brush and black face paint. Begin by outlining the eye sockets. For a unique touch, extend the outline slightly higher on the outside of the brow to give the skull an angry appearance. Don’t worry about perfection at this stage, as we will refine the shape later on. Continue the outline on the nose, making it wider where the nostrils are and converging to two points in the center. Finally, outline the cheekbones, using your finger to guide you along the natural bone structure of your face.

Filling in the Skull with White Paint

Now it’s time to bring your skull to life by filling it in with white face paint. Dilute the paint with water to achieve a bright, even color. Make sure your face is clean before applying the paint. If needed, use an oil-free moisturizer or foundation primer as a base. Using a medium-sized flat brush, apply the white paint to the entire outlined area, ensuring that you cover it completely. This step is crucial as the white paint sets the foundation for the rest of the makeup.

Shading the Eyes

To add depth and dimension to the eyes, we will use a combination of black face paint and black eyeshadow. Begin by filling in the eyes with the black paint. However, instead of completely covering them, leave a gradient effect by leaving the middle slightly empty. This will create a shading effect. Once you have filled in the black paint, switch to a matte black eyeshadow to continue shading. Using the eyeshadow will save you time as it is easier to blend. Concentrate the black eyeshadow in the areas where you want a darker shade.

Shading the Nose

Now it’s time to give your skull a realistic-looking nose. Using the same black eyeshadow, start shading the outside areas of your nose, leaving the center slightly blank for a highlight. Once you have achieved the desired shading, switch to a smaller brush and black face paint to create a defined line. This will add depth and give your skull a polished look.

Shading the Cheekbones

To make your skull makeup even more striking, we will shade the cheekbones. Begin by using the black eyeshadow to fill in the area by your ears, creating a finished look. Then, using a flat brush, gently shade the area along the cheekbone, pulling the eyeshadow down towards the white paint. Concentrate the color where it meets the white to achieve a beautifully shaded effect. Continue shading until you are satisfied with the intensity.

Creating the Teeth

The teeth are a crucial part of a skull’s appearance. Use a concealer brush and a generous amount of white paint to create the teeth. Drag the brush over your lips, lifting it off the skin where you want the teeth to appear faded. For a realistic look, use a light touch to pull the paint upward, making it brighter where you want highlights. Once the teeth are complete, take black eyeshadow and shade in between them, tapering off as you move down. Add a black line between the teeth and the corner of your mouth for added definition.

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Shading the Cheekbones and Jawline

To create a more three-dimensional effect, it’s time to shade the cheekbones and jawline. Start by making a small dot or a little “Y” shape near the teeth and shade the area to create the illusion of the teeth leading down to the jawbone. Use a light touch with black eyeshadow to emphasize the shading. If desired, curve the teeth to match the shape of your lips. Additionally, shade the cheekbone area using a small eyeshadow brush and gradually increase the intensity. Deepen the shading at the edge of the line to create a defined bone structure.

Final Touches and Conclusion

To complete your skull makeup, use a larger fluffy brush to add black eyeshadow to your chin and along the hairline. Gently pull the eyeshadow down in the center of the skull for a subtle shading effect. Add expression to the eye sockets by shading around the brow bone. Use a small eyeshadow brush to create two lines upward between the brows to achieve an angry appearance. Finally, deepen the shading on the forehead for a more realistic look.

Once you’ve finished creating your spooky skull makeup, put on your best Marilyn Monroe-inspired outfit, style your hair, and get ready to impress! Remember to have fun and experiment with different techniques and shading intensities until you achieve your desired results. Happy Halloween!

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