Here are some facts and information on various  spooky creatures. 

In Medieval France and Spain, black cats were associated with witchcraft, and considered bringers of bad luck and curses to anyone who came near them. This fear was brought over by the Puritans who distrusted anything to do with sorcery and witchcraft. Even after the anti-witch zeal subsided, black cats remained associated with witches and thus became a symbol of Halloween!


Vampire bats give many people the heebie jeebies :P Fortunately they do not drink the blood of humans, nor do they turn into vampires!  But it's easy to see why people might be scared of bats--they have a fierce and scary face! A perfect creature of the night for a spooky holiday!

A zombie is a dead body that has no soul.  Like Vampires, zombies are undead.  However, unlike vampires, zombies look really gross :)  They have blank staring eyes, and only speak with few words.
drawing of a phooka

A phooka is a shapeshifting goblin that can appear as an animal like a dog, a bull or an eagle.  The phooka's favorite form is a jet-black horse with blazing eyes.  It offers travelers a ride, taking them on a terrible gallop across the countryside and then dumping them in the mud.

From The Everything Kids' Monsters Book 

Owls symbolize knowledge....rather than being ominous, in the ancient world, owls were associated with wisdom.  "The owl was a keeper of secret wisdom," says Avia Venefica, of what', "likely because it can see so well in the dark.

photo of owl
werewolf drawing

A werewolf is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or wolf-like creature either purposefully or after being placed under a curse or affliction (e.g. via a bite or scratch by another werewolf).

Ghosts are the spirits of people who have died, but who are stuck in the land of the living.  This is often because they have unfinished business or because of a great tragedy experienced in their lives.  Many ghosts are invisible, but at times they are visible.  Ghosts are generally not dangerous, although to see one would certainly be frightening!

From the Everything Kids' Monster Book

ghost on stairs

Ogres are especially mean giants. Several feet taller than a man--although not as tall as regular giants--ogres are very cruel and vicious.  They smell like rotting meat, and like to snack on people! 

From The Everything Kids' Monster Book

Vampires are the oldest and best known monsters. Stories of vampires have been told since ancient times.  The ancient vampires differed a fair amount from today's stories. The Greek vampire was half woman, half snake.  The Malaysian vampire was just a flying head that dragged its intestines :P 

Vampires rise from the grave to drink the blood of the living and sleep during the day.


Mummies are dead bodies that have been preserved in some way.  We generally think of Egyptian style mummies, wrapped in cloth. Curses are associated with mummies because mummies were often buried with a lot of valuable items--and these items were protected with traps and tricks. Tombs often had a curse to warn would-be thieves away! 

Much like the bat, cat, and the owl - spiders are often considered spooky. This probably has something to do with their ability to weave webs, which has long been symbolic of time, fate, progress and the representation of the human journey (on both physical and philosophical levels). Plus--have you ever walked into a web?  Creepy! :) Although this fella to the right is awful cute!

spider in a web
Okay, not a true Halloween creature, but too cute not to share :)