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I just changed this poll so now you can see the results :-) I could not figure out how to put in the votes already received, however :-( So if you voted before 10-8-10, you'll need to recast your vote to be counted in the results--sorry! You can vote once per day.

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

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Halloween Haiku:

Skeletons walking

Ghouls and Goblins present too

Hope it's  Halloween! 

Submitted by CV

Make an Apple Mummy

(from the Everything Kids' Monster Book)

Ingredients: small apple, knife, plastic cup, 1/3 cup baking, 1/3 cup table salt

Directions: 1. Carve the apple to look like a face or body (with adult supervision :)).  2. Put the apple in a plastic cup.  3. Mix the baking soda and salt.  4. Pour this mixture over the apple, making sure  it's completely covered.  5. Put the cup on a shelf or cabinet out of direct sunlight.  Leave it alone for at least a week.  6. Carefully pull the apple out of the salt and baking soda, but don't wash it off.  You should have a shrunken apple "mummy."

drawing of apple carvings
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Q: Where do mummies go for a swim? 

A: The Dead Sea

Eek: What happens when a ghost stubs his toe? 

Meek: He gets a boo-boo!

Send in your best Halloween joke (and I'll post it to the site)!!


Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist?

To improve his bite...

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat the fingers separately...

(the above jokes are from  Fun site!)


What do you call a dog owned by Dracula? - A blood hound.

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Why are cemeteries in the middle of town? Because they're dead centers!

What happens if you see twin witches? You won't be able to tell which witch is which!

What do you call a ghost's mother and father? Transparents!

More jokes...

Witches' parking only. All others will be toad.


Where do ghosts go on vacation?



What goes ha-ha-ha-ha-thud? 

A giant laughing its head off.

             More Halloween poetry

Costume Crazy

The year I dressed up as a witch, my ugly wig began to itch.

The year I dressed up as a clown, my silly nose kept falling down.

The year I dressed up as a ghost, I tripped and fell and hit a post.

This year I know just what I'll be, I'm dressing up to go as  me.

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