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Witches' Menu

By Sonja  Nikolay

Live lizard, dead lizard

Marinated, fried.

Poached lizard, pickled lizard

Salty lizard hide.

Hot lizard, cold lizard

Lizard over ice.

Baked lizard, boiled lizard

Lizard served with spice.

Sweet lizard, sour lizard

Smoked lizard heart.

Leg of lizard, loin of lizard

Lizard a la carte. 

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My Top 10 Halloween flicks

1. Hocus Pocus

2. Dracula, Dead and Loving It

3. Mary Reilly

4. Van Helsing

5. Sleepy  Hollow

6. The Witches

7. Witches of Eastwick

8. Dracula (with Gary Oldman)

9. Frankenstein (with Robert Deniro)

10. Beetlejuice


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02 Overture (From Phantom Of The Opera).MP3

Another Poem (from Witch Poems edited by Daisy Wallace)

Halloween Witches

Magical Prognosticator,

Chanting, canting, calculator,

Exorcist and necromancer,

Venificial, sabbat dancer,

Striga, arted and capricious,

Conjurer and maleficius.

Tonight, how many witches fly? 

How many brooms will sweep the sky?

Felice Holman