Halloween Games

cartoon ghost
cartoon haunted house
cartoon ghost
cartoon haunted house
cartoon ghost
cartoon haunted house
cartoon ghost
cartoon haunted house

 Try this: How many words can you make from the letters in the word  Halloween?

words I made: all, hall, wall, whole, whale, hale, new, wand, and, hand, one, hone, wheel, heel, well, lean, wean, eel, ale, hole, hello, heal 

 Here's a link  to some family fun games by Disney--they look fun!

Play the Haunted House Game 

From the Everything Kids' Monster book

You've likely heard variations of this game--I know I have :) Get several small boxes and cut holes in the tops just big enough to put a hand into. Put a different gross item in each box.  Have your guests stick their hands into the boxes and try to guess what's inside.


Blood (make fake blood using one part corn syrup to two parts water, adding a few drops of red food color)--put it in a bowl inside the box

Bones--chicken bones or fake bones


Eyeballs--peeled grapes or wet olives

Fingers--cut up hot dogs

Guts--cold, wet, spaghetti

Hair--a wig

Hand--fill a latex glove with pudding

Mice--a battery powered mouse toy...leave it running for a real scare!

Spider-webs--stretched cotton or wet string

Spiders--fake rubber spiders

Teeth--unpopped popcorn

Pin the Boo! on the Ghost

Ghost on Posterboard
Found on http://www.pleasantestthing.com/halloween-games

Paint a ghost onto posterboard and cut out a construction paper "Boo!" for each child.  Place rolled tape on the back of each Boo and have the children take turns trying to pin (or tape) the Boo onto the ghost.  The child whose turn it is is blindfolded.  For extra fun, instead of a blindfold, use a large witch hat to cover the child's eyes.

found on http://mylifeandkids.com/30-awesome-halloween-games-for-kids/


This is a variation of Duck-Duck-Goose. The witch goes around saying "ghost-ghost -ghost.......witch". Then the witch has to chase the ghost and if she catch the ghost she can put a spell on it. (ie: make him sing, dance, bark etc.)

witch costume

Monster Freeze Dance

found on http://www.mydeliciousambiguity.com/2010/10/halloween-games-for-groups-of-toddlers.html

Play Halloween music and have the kids dance around like monsters! The Monster Mash is a great song for this game. 

When the music stops the kids freeze in their monster positions. 

The first kid to move is out, and the game continues until only one child is left.